Finance & Insurance

Budgeting Process

The Town of Spider Lake budget reflects the Town Board’s assessment of the community’s needs and priorities that are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The budget translates the Plan into actual projects and expenditures to be undertaken by the Town’s departments.

Led by the Finance and Insurance Committee (F&IC) in the fall of each year, the F&IC gathers expense information from the committee chairs, as well as revenue projections, and creates a draft budget.  The F&IC and the committee chairs then “scrub” the budget to ensure revenues will cover expenses.

The final budget is presented to the Town electors for approval each November.  If an increase in tax levy is proposed, it can only be implemented following a referendum of the Town’s voters to approve the increase.

The Town’s tax base is roughly $300 million in property value, of which your property taxes are 1% (or $3 million).  As can be seen from your 2019 tax bill, your property taxes are directed as follows:

  • 34 %  -  to Sawyer County
  • 9 % - to Town of Spider Lake
  • 53 %  -  to Hayward Community School District
  • 4 %  -  to the Technical College

Of your total property tax bill, TOSL keeps only 9%, which is the tax levy for TOSL. This, along with other sources of revenue, enable the Town to manage its roads, run the solid waste and recycling facility, support the fire department and meet its other municipal requirements. See the TOSL Budget Presentation for a very thorough explanation of the whole process.

How can you be involved?
  • Participate in one or more committees
  • Attend the Board of Supervisors and PRC meetings
  • Attend the Public Hearing for the Budget and, if you are an elector (resident), vote
  • Email your Town Supervisors and PRC members to share your perspectives.


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