Road Department

(“The Road Crew” – photo courtesy of Kris Dew)

The Road Department maintains and repairs more than 90 miles of paved and gravel roads within the Town of Spider Lake. Their efforts include (but are not limited to) mowing, plowing, brush/tree removal, sand/salt application, road graveling and grading, shoulder work, installing/maintaining culverts, road patching and repair, coordinating and overseeing contractors, and upkeep of the Town Hall grounds.

The Road Department also participates in mutual aid agreements with surrounding townships, with the Wisconsin DNR and with the US Forest Service. These agreements help ensure that all participating entities have the most cost-effective and timely access to the equipment, personnel, and services they need to maintain the roadways under their respective jurisdictions.

The TOSL garage is located next to the Town Hall and is currently a shared facility with the TOSL Fire Department. The Road Department operates with the help and guidance of the TOSL Roads Committee.

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Road Crew Contacts

Road Superintendent | Don Fogal

Office: (715) 462-4514
Cell: (715) 418-9969

Emergency: 911

After-hours contacts:

Don Fogal (715) 418-9969

Deb Amery (715) 462-9602

Road Crew Hours

Summer (May 1st – Oct 31st) Mon – Thu

6:00am-4:00pm at the shop

Winter (Nov 1st – April 30th) Mon – Fri

6:00am-2:30pm at the shop

Road Bans

Road bans limiting the weight of vehicular traffic go into effect during the Spring of each year. These bans may begin as early as late February or as late as mid-May, depending on conditions.

The TOSL follows the Sawyer County road ban dates, and often has little notice before the bans go into effect. We notify our citizens via the News & Notices section of this site as soon as we are informed of the bans. Please subscribe to updates and plan accordingly so you are not inconvenienced by lack of trash pick-up, heating fuel delivery and septic system service delays, etc. while bans are in effect.

Please note: The Town is not responsible for maintenance and upkeep of private roads/driveways and does not enter into agreements to maintain private roads. Such roads/driveways are the responsibility of the landowners


Mike Wheeler - Road Liasion
Don Fogal - Road Supervisor


Quentin Johnson
Tim Sheldon