Waste & Recycling

Overseen by the Facilities and Waste Management Committee, the Waste & Recycling team manages the operations of the Town’s waste management facility, located directly behind the Fire/Maintenance Building next to the Town Hall.

Please follow the Recycling Procedures below for recyclable goods. We need CLEAN RECYCLABLES ONLY to make this system work!

Recycling Procedures
  • All recyclables are commingled in one container EXCEPT aluminum cans (see below).
  • Do not bag recyclables. No plastic bags in recycling containers! (Plastic grocery bags may be recycled at Walmart or Marketplace in Hayward.)
  • Clean items only! Rinse all cans, jars, jugs, pans, foils, etc. clean! No need to remove labels
  • Flatten all cardboard boxes
  • Aluminum cans are collected separately in the fenced area next to the bldg. All proceeds from their sale goes to the Town of Spider Lake Fire Department.

These items are ACCEPTED:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum pie pans, aluminum foil, etc. (only if clean)
  • Steel and tin cans
  • Plastics numbered #1, #2 or #5 only!
  • Clear, brown, or green glass food or beverage containers only!
  • Newspaper, magazines, flyers, copy paper, catalogs, paper grocery bags, junk mail, cardboard.

These items are NOT ACCEPTED:

  • No aerosol cans
  • No paint cans or any can that held chemicals (e.g. Automotive oil, antifreeze, windshield fluid containers)
  • No styrofoam, plant pots/trays, salt & topsoil bags, plastic packaging, toys, plastic foam products.
  • No rubber, fabric, used paper plates, or dryer lint.
  • No drinking glasses, dishes, light bulbs, headlights, window glass, ovenware, mirrors, crystal and clay pots.
  • No boxes that go in refrigerator such as: milk/juice cartons, pizza boxes.
  • No items with wood unless wood is removed
  • No scrap aluminum in the recycling container but it can be placed in scrap metal container.

Hours of Operation

Saturday: 10am – 4pm year round

Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday: 10am – 4pm. May 15th thru Oct 15th

Household Waste Fees

  • $5.00/bag (up to 33 gal.)
  • Bags larger than 33 gal. cost additional $2.00
  • Recycling: Free

Electronics, TVs & Appliances Fees  


  • 0 – 10 lbs $5.00
  • Over 10 lbs $10.00
  • Computer towers $20.00

Flat Screen TVs

  • 0 – 42 inch $25.00
  • 43-inch & over $35.00

CRT TVs & Monitors

  • 0 – 24 inches $25.00
  • 25-inch & over $35.00


  • With refrigerant $20.00
  • W/out refrigerant $15.00
Committee Members

Mark Johns - Chair
Deb Amery - Vice Chair
Bob Schroeder


George Brandt
Tim Sheldon