Emergency Medical Response classes

I want to thank TOSL for subsidizing the CPR / AED class.Jim and I attended the March 4 session, and I have found myself proudly sharing that bit of news with my friends. I am proud that I could actually do it, and I am proud that our town is investing in the project.

The presentation was so worth attending! Everything was very organized. Town Hall was warm and comforting when we arrived. (No small thing with this Winter’s weather.) The presenters themselves did an excellent job. I had a lot of anxiety about the class before I went. None of the things I was so worried about happened.I would recommend this class to anyone. If, for some reason, someone was interested but thought they did not have the physical strength, I would say they should still go. Having the correct knowledge, anyone could help in some way.It really says a lot about the Town of Spider Lake that it encourages its people to learn how to help one another. Thanks again!Donna Nickel