Oak Wilt Awareness: *** The Town of Spider Lake is working to raise awareness of Oak Wilt.   Oak wilt is a destructive disease that kills red oak trees by spreading to their tissues and starving them of water and nutrients. Prevention is the best strategy to protect oak trees, and here are some best practices: Avoid pruning during high-risk periods In Wisconsin, the risk period is April through July, but it can vary by location and season. Sanitize pruning equipment Use denatured methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or a household disinfectant to sterilize equipment between trees. Paint wounds Immediately apply a thin layer of wound paint or pruning seal to pruning cuts and other wounds to prevent fungal spores from sticking to the sap and infecting the tree. Buy and transport dry wood Purchase wood locally that has been thoroughly dried for at least a year, and avoid moving firewood to new locations. Create a buffer zone Dig a trench at least 100 feet from the last symptomatic tree and 48 inches deep. Remove infected trees Promptly remove and burn or bury dead or diseased trees. If possible, burn trees in place. Treat logs and branches Before April, cut infected oaks as close to the ground as possible, and burn, debark, or chip logs and larger branches. You can also process diseased logs into lumber or kiln-dry them before April. Tarp wood From April through July, tarp wood to prevent sap beetles from coming into contact with spores. Make sure the tarp is thick enough to prevent punctures and completely bury the edges.   For more information on oak wilt management. Please CLICK HERE.

Poll Workers needed for the 2024-2025 election term

WANTED – Poll Workers for the 2024-2025 election term: Here’s your chance to do your civic duty and see for yourself how elections are run! The 2024 election season is guaranteed to be exciting, and you can have a front row seat, ensuring properly conducted elections in the Town of Spider Lake. Shifts can be split half days. Training and hourly compensation is provided. If you are willing to do two hours of easy online training, you can earn more as a Chief who will be in charge on election days.  The Chief works with the Town Clerk to conduct elections and make sure procedures are followed. This is a much-needed service and greatly appreciated by all. Please consider stepping up!  If we don’t have Chiefs, we don’t have elections.